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A mom of one (so far) and a wife to an Irishman. I LOVE to cook - but most of all I love my job as a mother. And as a mom I have become very conscious of my health & nutrition and that of my family and feel the best way I can help is to make sure I prepare good healthy foods. When I'm not cooking, cleaning or having fun with Aodhan, I am doing hair! And I love it. It's another way I can get creative and make people happy. (see more in the "my turn around" post.)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


And this is why I struggle...there are times when I am just too tired...have worked a very long 12 hour day....when all I want to do is sit or sleep...when energy seems to escape me and I want the easy way out. And then the slide continues...for as many days as I work 'til late...and see my house not as clean as when I'm home and not working, and I get so overwhelmed with how much I need to do to make it clean & organized and I stress about it. If I could just get up early to get to the gym at 6am, this would not be a problem. But when the pads of my feet hurt from standing all day and overall tired from the long hours (especially since I'm just not in my 20's anymore), I feel like working out will take whatever energy I have left in my body when I need it to work another 10-12 hour day! Although if I could just get to a point to where the 6am or even 8am workouts are routine, then I would have the energy no matter what! If I just would keep going, then I might be a size 8 by now - which is my goal. dang it.

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