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A mom of one (so far) and a wife to an Irishman. I LOVE to cook - but most of all I love my job as a mother. And as a mom I have become very conscious of my health & nutrition and that of my family and feel the best way I can help is to make sure I prepare good healthy foods. When I'm not cooking, cleaning or having fun with Aodhan, I am doing hair! And I love it. It's another way I can get creative and make people happy. (see more in the "my turn around" post.)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Getting to the gym can be SO hard sometimes - especially when life gives you a heavy load. But lately, I have made every effort to stick with my personal commitment of 5 days a week. I'm wondering how long this will last! I do have confidence in myself, but after 5 weeks of 5 days a week, I still am DRAGGING myself to the gym. Why is this so difficult? I am beginning to see results (finally) and I feel a million times better - in a better mood, handle stress better, happier- and yet I still have to convince myself to go. I do have friends to meet me there from time to time - THANK GOD- otherwise I don't think that I would make it. But 5 weeks is done, can I do 5 more? Can I make it through to December? God, what will I look like then? That is - of course - if I am still not pregnant. Speaking of which - It has also been over a year of trying, and I have to admit, it has become...depressing at times, at times stressful, tearful and over bearing. I just LOVE when people tell me to just "stop trying and it will happen". Really? Stop trying? hmmm...that just doesn't work for me. My cycle varies from month to month - anywhere from 25 days to 31, my body does not show any signs that I am ovulating so I have to take a test, how in the hell would I get pregnant if I "stopped trying" or "didn't think about it"? And just so you know, I actually tried "not trying" for a few months - no testing, and "trying" at random. Hasn't worked. But I haven't lost hope. It does take longer for women my age (35) longer to conceive. And being that infertility treatment is SO expensive, I just don't see us going down that road anytime soon. My point? That working out has DEFINITELY helped me with this hurdle. I am focused on my health and getting back into shape. I also plan on joining my friends team (she is a breast cancer survivor) and doing the Susan G. Komen 5K race for the Cure. It's at the end of September, And I plan to run the whole thing, at hopefully a relatively quick pace. I'm at 2 miles right now, so I should be fine. But it is something to work towards. Plus I want to be able to be in the best shape for pregnancy, work out during my pregnancy (barring any unforeseen circumstances) and bounce back quickly after birth. So I guess we will see! And here goes week 6! Wish me luck!

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