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A mom of one (so far) and a wife to an Irishman. I LOVE to cook - but most of all I love my job as a mother. And as a mom I have become very conscious of my health & nutrition and that of my family and feel the best way I can help is to make sure I prepare good healthy foods. When I'm not cooking, cleaning or having fun with Aodhan, I am doing hair! And I love it. It's another way I can get creative and make people happy. (see more in the "my turn around" post.)

Monday, April 26, 2010

My turn around

OK - This may be the boring part, but this is my blog. So I'm writing it.

After reading some of my recipes, you'd be surprised to know that most of my life, I could not have cared less about nutrition, my health or healthy foods. I HATED vegetables, as most kids do, but I never grew out of it (until very recently!). Now I am still trying new ways to eat vegetables so that I can actually get it down my throat. But generally, through high school and my 20's I felt I could eat anything. Although I lived at home, so for most of that time I ate well (meaning healthy), and I played sports, so being overweight wasn't too much of a concern - it didn't occupy my mind on a daily basis (like it does now!). That being said, I did not think I was perfect. I always thought I could lose a few pounds here and there (totally ridiculous when I look back on the pictures of myself in my early 20's!). But a few pounds here and there turned into 20-30 pounds by the time my mid to late 20's showed up. Years of not caring, having fun at bars, thinking I couldn't gain THAT much weight, (being in the wrong relationships) and overall laziness (let's face it, I still have a hard time dragging my butt to the gym) added 25 pounds to me (give or take). I am fortunate that I am tall! But even that didn't disguise the fact that I jumped from a size 8 to a 14.
At the time I was living on the East Coast, and was having a very hard time getting motivated and being happy. I moved back in 2004, and by 2005 I hit bottom of the 'happiness barrel'. In June of that year, I began my slow climb out. And it really wasn't until mid to end of 2006 that I began to have more confidence. I had hired a trainer for 6 months, I began going to the gym 5-7 days a week and I had lost 15 pounds and 2 sizes - and I DID NOT diet! I still really didn't care about nutrition. I kind of watched what I ate - but I didn't really sacrifice. When I work out, I tend to eat better anyway, but I didn't give up my White Chocolate Mochas or drinks on the weekends. (And before you think - wow- only 15 pounds in 6 months? Know that my body is the athletic type. I had ALOT of left over muscle hanging out on my body which jumped into place as soon as I started working out - so since it weighs more than fat, I never really lose pounds - I lose inches.) Then things began to turn around - I started a new career doing what I love - I met Philip & Aodhan...and never thought I could ever be this happy. I honestly thought that the term 'soulmate' or the phrase 'true love' was some made up words for movies so that those who believed in that junk would pay to see that movie - a marketing ploy to get our money. And now - ha! I am the biggest believer! Although I don't think that it happens to everyone. And I don't know what the trick is. But I got very lucky.
It's funny how when things line up like that, how much you want to protect it and improve it. Meaning - now that things have balance in my life, I now am inspired to do it right and learn to make my life and Philip & Aodhan's life better. I've always loved to cook, but I had no one to cook for, and I alone was never a good enough reason to take the time to make a decent meal. I did every once and a while, but it wasn't fun for me like it is now. And as soon as Aodhan became a part of my life, I knew that I had the responsibility of providing him with the life he deserved. And since I wasn't an aunt, or had any other young children in my life, I had to study on my own. I read books, I asked questions, I networked with the other mom's in my life, including my own, and of course, the internet. The more I studied, the more I loved my new challenge as mom. Now, I couldn't imagine my life as anything else!
So! As a mom, I became aware of how vital it was to feed my son the right foods - how these foods effect his growth, brain activity and overall development. I still read books on nutrition - currently "Eat your way to Happiness" and I am still learning how different foods have different chemical reactions in your body; how food can motivate you, feel happy and energized. It has been a real eye opener for me. I mean - it's no secret, veggies and fruits are good for you, fast food is bad for you. But I guess I never knew how good, or how bad, and how easy good eating can be! Especially if I prepare them tastefully!
So the basis of my blog is basically to share my cooking adventures. I may interject here and there about my life in general, but it will be mostly on the food. As I prepare my meals, I always start with the thought process of "What can I make that's healthy, What do I have and how much time do I have". I decide on the main item - Chicken, Beef, Fish, Turkey, Steak or Pork. Then I look to my cookbooks for some inspiration. I find something that has a basis of what I have in my kitchen and then take that recipe and use parts of it and tweek it with things that I like. So here we go!

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